Commercial Metal Roof Repair in Greenville, South Carolina


Business owners have many reasons for choosing metal roofing for their commercial buildings. Metal roofs have been used for years for commercial and agricultural buildings because of their dependability and practicality. Now, manufacturers do metal roofing projects that are stylish and attractive.

Commercial metal roofs provide many benefits for business owners. Because of its lifespan, a metal roof is a cost-effective roofing material compared to asphalt, which wears easily and needs replacement more often. Metal roofs are also environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, and fire and impact resistant.

Commercial metal roofing is relatively low maintenance, but it is not without its problems. Like any part of your building, your roof needs care and maintenance. Timely repairs are also important to extend the life of your roof.

If you’re responsible for building maintenance and need commercial metal roof repair in Greenville, SC, contact the experts at Commercial Roofing Inc.

Common Problems with Commercial Metal Roofs

Metal roofs have many great features, but they also have some shortcomings. Regular inspections can protect your investment and increase the lift of your roof.

There are a few problems that a commercial metal roofing contractor will recognize and know how to address.

Excessive Leaks

A metal roof can be prone to leaks as a result of poor installation. Over time, gaps or punctures can develop in a metal roof because of weather or falling debris.

Gaps and punctures can also occur if fasteners slip out of place. This can leave a hole in your roof.

Panels that Blow Off

When strong wind passes over a roof, an updraft is created that can suck a metal roof panel off your building. This is normally a result of improper installation.

Water Ponding

Water can and will gather on metal roofs, especially where there is no slope or inadequate sloping. When water ponds on a roof, these areas can be susceptible to further damage in freezing temperatures.

Rust Development

Over time, rust can develop on metal roofs. Rust is unsightly and will eventually weaken and break down the commercial metal roofing structure. This breakdown will ultimately result in a leaky roof.

After reading about these common issues, you may wonder, “Can a metal roof be repaired?” There’s good news. Not only can your commercial metal roof be repaired, but some products can prevent these problems from happening in the future.

Options for Metal Roof Repair

Your metal roof can provide you with years of service. In some cases, they can last up to 40 or 50 years.

It’s worth your time to consider repairing your roof, and there are several solutions to do just that. When you contact someone for commercial metal roof repair near Greenville, the contractor may suggest one or more of these.

Repair or Replace Roof Fasteners

We mentioned earlier that missing or loose fasteners could cause leaks. This can even happen in places where water doesn’t pool on the roof. A metal roof contractor can inspect the fasteners and tighten them or replace them when necessary.

Ensuring that fasteners are tight can also prevent panels from blowing off in high winds.

Address Any Issues with Roof Flashing

Flashing is a product that roofing contractors use to seal areas of your roof that are prone to leaks. These spots include roof joints, vents or skylights, and HVAC system connection points.

Flashing is usually installed underneath the roofing materials and secured with sealant to hold it in place and prevent leaks.

Seal the Leaks

Roofers can sometimes repair small gaps and leaks using a metal roof sealant. There are products designed especially to adhere to metal roofs. These can seal leaks and prevent further damage.

Apply a Roof Coating Product

There are coating products designed to repair and restore commercial metal roofs. These products can provide waterproofing solutions and protect your roof from the rust. In addition, these attractive coatings can save energy and add years of life to your metal roof.

Repair Your Metal Roof Today

If you need commercial metal roof repair in Greenville, SC, fixing the issue might not be as hard as you think. Our professionals at Commercial Roofing Inc. can identify problems and suggest long-term solutions, so you get the most benefit from your metal roof.

If you’re wondering, “Do metal roofs have a lifetime warranty?” we can help get that information, as well.

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