Commercial Roof Maintenance Services in Greenville, South Carolina


It may be tempting for owners of commercial buildings to try to save money by putting off roof maintenance or replacement. But, this is a costly mistake. A well-maintained roof lasts years longer, saving a building owner a lot of money for new roofing. If a roof develops leaks because it is not well-maintained, that leak can cause very expensive damage to the interior of the building and to any merchandise and furnishings. The wet insulation and ceiling materials can promote the growth of dangerous mold. 

Why Roof Maintenance is Important

The roof on a commercial building is the most important deterrent to damage from the elements, water, and wind. The roof also helps keep heating and cooling costs down, reducing energy costs, and helping the environment. A well-maintained or new roof makes a building look better and increases its value. Customers are impressed by a building with a well-maintained roof. If this is a building that the owner rents out, it will be easier to get high-quality tenants if the roof is well-maintained and there are no leaks. That’s why commercial roof maintenance is so important.

Seasonal commercial roof maintenance is important because weather conditions can cause wear on roofing materials. Bad storms can damage roofs and cause roof leaks if they are not repaired soon. The sun’s UV rays can cause the roofing material to dry out and develop cracks that lead to leaks. On the other hand, a well-maintained roof protects the interior of the commercial building from damage.

The First Step in a Maintenance Program is a Roof Inspection

The beginning of a roof maintenance program always begins with a roof inspection and report by a company providing commercial roof maintenance in Greenville, SC. Once a baseline is determined for the roof, a maintenance program can be designed or a replacement roof can be scheduled. Since climbing up on a roof involves risks, and because an amateur will not know everything to look for on the roof, it is best to hire a professional roof maintenance contractor for the inspection.

Some tips on inspecting a flat commercial roof include:

  • Look for dips in the roof that are holding standing water. Standing water can cause roofing materials to break down. it can cause roof leaks, and it can encourage the growth of mold and other vegetation.
  • Check the ceilings on the top floor of the building for water stains, which are a sign of roof leaks.
  • Look for an uneven layer of the surface rocks or blank areas. There should be an unbroken, even layer of rock.
  • Look for tears and other damage on the surface of built-up and modified bitumen roofing. Bubbles, cracks, blisters, punctures, and signs of excessive wear are all signs of trouble.
  • Metal roofing should not have loose screws, deteriorated rubber washers, rust, or discolored areas. Dents and divots are also signs of trouble. Metal panel edges curled up or loosened by the wind are also danger signs for the roof.

The commercial roofing contractor inspecting the roof can note all the repairs that are needed and give the building owner a quote for the repairs. The repairs will be far less expensive than replacing the whole roof in the near future. And, if the roof is in bad enough condition to need replacing, the contractor can give the business owner a choice of roofing systems and a quote for each one.

Sign Up for A Roof Maintenance Program

Once the business owner knows what condition their roof is in, they can arrange to have it repaired. Then, they can sign up for a roof maintenance program to keep the roof in good condition. These programs are usually very affordable. The business owner can choose how often they want the maintenance done. These commercial roofing services in Greenville help building owners save money on roofing maintenance and replacement by catching problems when they are small. A well-maintained roof prevents interior damage from the elements and helps the structure of buildings stay strong.

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