Commercial Roof Repair Services in Greenville, South Carolina


Roofs for commercial structures differ from residential properties. Although some roofing companies tackle both styles, a commercial roof repair specialist is a safer bet when commercial roof repairs need to be handled quickly and without cutting corners. By focusing solely on commercial roofing, these experts know how to identify and repair more issues than their competitors and complete the work faster.

A Trusted Name in the Commercial Roofing Sector

Commercial Roofing, Inc. has provided expert roof repair, removal, installation, and maintenance to the business community for almost three decades. Located in Greenville, SC, the roofing team covers a wide service area including surrounding cities, spanning as far south as Greenwood, to accommodate their client base. The family-owned company maintains a fully certified staff of skilled roofing contractors who are prepared to take on any size project with honesty and integrity.

Flat Roof Damage Isn’t Easily Noticeable

Most commercial facilities have flat roofs, and damage may remain unnoticed until moisture creeps inside the building. At that point, owners realize that something must be done immediately to prevent further damage. Contacting commercial roof repair in Greenville, SC, will help eliminate the source of the leak and pinpoint any other potential problems. Whether the roof uses a rubber membrane, tar and gravel, or asphalt bitumen material, an experienced team of commercial roofers has the tools and skills to mend all problematic areas.

No Roofing Material Lasts Forever

Sloped roofs are less common in the commercial sector, but do exist on some structures. These buildings are usually covered with flat roofing materials when low-sloped or employ a metal roofing system when the angles increase. Although metal roofing is often called a “forever roof,” problems can emerge that create leaking, rust, or sealant deterioration. A licensed and certified team of commercial roofers can quickly find the source of the problem and apply the proper repair techniques without damaging any of the surrounding roof covering.  

Is Repair or Replacement a Better Investment?

Sometimes, the age and damage apparent on a roof raise the question of whether repair work is worth the money or if reroofing should occur. Property owners dread the thought of roof replacement due to the expense. Fortunately, companies like Commercial Roofing, Inc. offer a free quote service that details everything involved in the re-roofing process. Customers can have a team come out to inspect the roof and determine if replacement is the best alternative.

Quotes Start with a Thorough Inspection

The quote process starts with a roof inspection that evaluates the condition of the current roof and any problem areas. This includes checking the interior ceiling to identify any interior damage. These observations will quickly determine if the quote involves repair or replacement work. When replacement is required, thorough measurements and notations of existing surface structures are crucial. The information gathered from this free service will help determine the cost of labor and materials.

Ensuring Minimal Disturbance During the Re-Roofing Process

When reroofing is required, building owners may worry about how it will affect their day-to-day operations. Commercial Roofing, Inc. takes every precaution to ensure a safe and dry work area and works with the client to find the best times to work on specific areas. Since applying a new roof involves removing the old material, the team diligently watches the weather to avoid exposing sensitive areas during adverse conditions. The client is consulted daily on the specific work areas to help ensure proper precautions are taken both inside and outside the building. Discussing this information also gives the client a chance to move or close off an area if noise, falling debris, or power shutdowns are possible issues. 

Extend the Life of a Roof

Some Greenville businesses mistakenly think their new roof will be in pristine condition for years to come. Unfortunately, the constant exposure to the sun, wind, and rain will bring about minor damage that can quickly escalate if left unchecked. To help prevent possible damage, companies like Commercial Roofing, Inc. offer maintenance services to inspect roofs and provide repairs on a scheduled basis. By periodically monitoring the roof’s state, technicians can catch existing or potential problems and eliminate them before significant issues develop. 

Periodic Upkeep Helps Avoid Costly Repairs

During a maintenance visit, the technicians will inspect the entire roof to look for weak points and physical damage. Degrading sealants and flashing are replaced, accumulated debris is removed, seams are checked and mended, and new material is applied in punctured or deteriorated areas. Commercial roofing services in Greenville help extend the roof’s life and prevent the property owner from dealing with more extensive damage resulting from water leaking into the building’s interior.