Commercial Roofing Company in Travelers Rest, South Carolina


Commercial roofing has special considerations that residential roofing doesn’t always account for. Instead of protecting one family and their home, commercial roofing is responsible for maintaining a safe business environment. At Commercial Roofing Inc., we will help you keep your business safe and cut down costs that it takes to maintain or repair your roof.

When you need a reliable roofing company in Travelers Rest, look no further than the experts at Commercial Roofing Inc. Offering flat roof repair, inspection services, maintenance, and more, we will complete the best commercial roofing services around. Call us today to book your commercial roofing appointment, at (864) 271-3272.

Commercial Roofing Services

We are the trusted commercial roofing company near Travelers Rest. Our commercial roofing services include repairs for flat roofs and metal roofs, maintenance, inspections, leak repair, replacements and new installations, roof coatings, and restorations.

Commercial Roof Repairs

Undergoing commercial roof repairs in a timely fashion helps to keep your roof performing at its best. Our experts. can help you sort through warranties and insurance claims to get your roof back up and running stress-free.

Commercial Roof Maintenance

Regular commercial roof maintenance helps catch minor problems before they become major replacements. During maintenance, we can test your roof’s weight capacity to make sure water damage isn’t causing it to sink in. We can also fix any loose or broken parts to make sure it maintains its efficiency. It’s important to maintain your roof at least twice a year to prepare for the more extreme weather months. Fall and Spring offer the best window for maintenance.

Commercial Roof Inspection

All of our commercial roofing projects start with an initial inspection to ensure we find all your roofing issues and fix them properly. However, it is also critical to undergo an annual tune-up inspection and any inspection appointments after a major weather or electrical storm. Differing from maintenance, annual tune-up services aim to make your roof more efficient for next year.

Flat Roof Repair

Flat roof leaks may be easier to spot because they don’t contain major slopes. However, leaks can be misleading because water travels easier on a flat roof and can make leaks seem like they originate in a separate area from their actual source. Some leaks aren’t easy to notice in plain sight, and our roofing experts will need to check your roof vents and caulking to find them. 

Metal Roof Repair

Metal roofs are especially susceptible to rust and corrosion. While water-resistant paint helps to deter harmful water effects, over time you will likely need metal roof repair to keep it running at its best. We can help you repair any water-related issues like cracks, leaks, or sunken sections on your roof. Protective coatings are particularly useful on metal roofs to fight corrosion.

Commercial Roof Leak Repair

As the safest Travelers Rest roofing company, we take leak repair seriously. After all, neglecting a single roof leak can lead to major business flooding over time. Unlike residential issues, your business flooding during operation can leave a big lawsuit on your hands. We will ensure your business is always a safe zone to be in.

How do you catch a minor leak? Typically, heavy rainfall days in Travelers Rest can cause issues for your roof. When it rains hard, certain roofs fail to drain excessive water properly, allowing it to pool on your roof’s surface. When this happens, your commercial roof is more prone to leaks and damage. You should always get a roof inspection after extreme weather.

Commercial Roof Replacement and Installation

Commercial roof replacement switches out your existing roof for a safer, more reliable model. Typically, you will need a commercial roof replacement anywhere from every 10 to 40 years, depending on its material and how regularly it is maintained. Roof replacement services often take longer than new roof installations because roofers must remove your existing roof parts.

On the other hand, commercial roof installation refers to putting in a roof for the first time on your new business build. The process is more straightforward with a new roof installation because our expert roofers simply have to lay down your new roof, instead of dislodging broken parts. All of our commercial roofing projects are conducted thoroughly but efficiently, so you can get your business up and running as soon as possible.

Commercial Roof Coating

Commercial roof coating products offer an additional layer of protection to your roof. Moreover, roof coating services are especially useful for standing up to damaging weather elements, like thunderstorms and hail. When you need a commercial roofing company near you for commercial roof coating, we are here to get the job done right.

The main perk of roof coating products is that they extend your roof’s lifespan by 10 to 20 years. This is an important advantage when you have other regular company costs and an early roof replacement emergency just isn’t in the business budget.

Commercial Roof Restoration

Commercial roof restoration is another cost-effective option that helps you keep your existing roof instead of undergoing an expensive replacement. Roof restorations can focus on small sections of your roof or main areas. During a commercial roof restoration project, we will reseal, repair, and rejuvenate your roof, properly cleaning and protecting its components.

Trusted Commercial Roofing Company in Travelers Rest

Led by Kenny Beemer, a third-generation roofer, Commercial Roofing Inc. brings knowledge and trusted experience to all of our roofing projects. We know all the special considerations for your commercial roofing project, and we will keep things up to code and running efficiently. We care about our customers, and we know you care about yours, so we can solve any of your business roofing issues together. We are a local and thorough contractor.

Are you searching for a reliable commercial roofing company in Travelers Rest? Look no further than the experts at Commercial Roofing Inc. With tried and true roofing repairs, replacements, and maintenance, we have the experience your roof deserves. Don’t hesitate to call us today, at (864) 271-3272.